The Boulevard Périphérique Workshops

Accounts of workshops 1 and 2

Boulevard Périphérique at Porte d’Italie ©

On the 12th of July 2019 a first workshop was held on the future of the Boulevard Périphérique ring road, it was organised by the City of Paris and Malakoff Town Council. All the key players involved, the neighbouring municipalities, public territorial establishments, the State, Ile-de-France Region, Métropole du Grand Paris, Grand Paris Metropolitan Forum, Departmental authorities…, were invited to come and discuss their vision of the Périphérique, and more generally questions concerning the society, mobility, pollution and the living environment linked to urban motorways.

The idea of organising a partnership workshop focusing more specifically on the Boulevard Périphérique followed on from work done by the Information and Assessment Mission carried out by fifteen or so representatives of the Paris City Council, all tendencies included, and the International Consultation on the Future of Roads in Grand Paris instigated by the Forum Métropolitain.  

The Boulevard Périphérique Workshop is a time of shared governance for all Ile-de-France municipalities and involved bodies, accompanied and supplied information by Apur.

This page presents accounts of contributions made by elected representatives, presentations and exchanges between participants during each of the workshops that have taken place so far:

  • Workshop n°1 on 12th July 2019 which took place at Malakoff
  • Workshop n°2 on 7th October 2019 which took place at Neuilly-sur-Seine


Couverture - Atelier n°1 du Boulevard périphérique - Restitution de l’atelier du 12 juillet 2019 © Apur
Atelier n°2 du Boulevard périphérique - Restitution de l’atelier du 7 octobre 2019 © Apur



Documents to download

  • Workshop

    Workshop n°1 on Boulevard Périphérique - Account of the 12 July 2019 Workshop

    Format : pdf, 23.42 MB
  • Workshop

    Workshop n°2 on Boulevard Périphérique - Account of the 7 October 2019 Workshop

    Format : pdf, 35.13 MB

Maps to download

  • Map

    The Boulevard Périphérique: the transformation of “City gateways and Squares” accomplished or planned

    Format : pdf, 2.44 MB
  • Map

    Boulevard Périphérique - Future urban and landscape identity

    Format : pdf, 16.8 MB
  • Map

    Boulevard Périphérique - Urban continuity projects

    Format : pdf, 24.45 MB