Building sites in North East Grand Paris, an example of circular economy

By 2024, we estimate that 19.5 million m² will have been built and 5 million m² demolished or renovated in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis. Managing this public building work via a circular economy is therefore a major issue, which is driven by the evolving regulatory context.

Building site of the future Saint-Denis Pleyel station (93) @ Société du Grand Paris / Gérard Rollando

Within the framework of its partnership programme and in liaison with the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games convention established between Paris and Seine Saint Denis, Apur has continued the thought process which began in its study on the logistics of the Games, by carrying out a study on building sites in North East Greater Paris - Grand Paris - and circular economy. This was done alongside the City of Paris, the inter-municipal establishment Pleine Commune, Est Ensemble, Paris Terre d’Envol and Grand Paris Grand Est and the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis.
In the years to come, these areas as well as the reste of the metropolis, will have to face an enormous increase in the quantity of waste produced by building work, due to the numerous sites linked to the various urban projects and renovation and energy plans for those sectors largely affected by the arrival of the Grand Paris métro and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

First of all, the study identifies the source and quantity of waste there will be in North East Grand Paris, it then lists and identifies the character of existing platforms throughout Métropole du Grand Paris. This analysis emphasises the necessity of having new platforms as near to building sites as possible. It identifies XS to XL areas of land where platforms could be developed to enable the reuse, recycling or any other useful value-maximisation activity in the sector.  

Almost 70 permanent or temporary potential sites have been identified which could improve the territorial network and meet territorial and local needs as well as is possible.

A workshop was held on 1st October 2020 to present the study to all the key players and structures that participated in its drafting: developers, housing organisations, project owners and managers, construction managers, public authorities…  The morning of discussion provided an opportunity for Ademe to present their aid initiative for setting up construction projects as well as for the various project leaders to present their studies or sites already underway. A summary of the workshop will soon be available.

Infographie - Les chantiers du Nord-Est du Grand Paris, un exemple pour l’économie circulaire © Apur


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