CDC Habitat mid-range housing in Ile-de-France

An analysis of the 12,000 mid-range rental housing delivered, being built or in the process of being produced by CDC Habitat since 2014

“Le Flandre”, apartment block, Paris 19th district © Christophe Caudroy

With the aim of encouraging the production of affordable rental accommodation in cities, new provisions regulating mid-range rentable housing (LLI) were defined in the 2014 Finance Law. Over 15,400 LLI were registered in Ile-de-France between 2014 and 2018. Numerous institutional key players took advantage of the provision, the leader being CDC Habitat which represents 34% of these certifications. 

The present note describes the 12,000 LLI delivered, under construction or being studied by CDC Habitat in Ile-de-France. The different analyses look at the flow of production, the time-to-market requirements and the characteristics of occupants.

CDC Habitat, which has nearly 495,000 housing units, of which over 168,000 are in Ile-de-France, is the leading rental housing landlord in France.

Les logements intermédiaires de CDC Habitat en Île-de-France © Apur


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    CDC Habitat mid-range housing in Ile-de-France

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