Challenges and prospects for the Seine Valley - Inter-modality and decarbonisation of the traffic flow

In the context of a cooperation between the urbanism agencies of the Seine Valley, Apur has contributed to the Inter-ministerial Delegation for the Development of the Seine Valley and the Ile-de-France and Normandy Regions’ thought process on developing the new Seine Valley CPIER, by publishing “Challenges and Prospects for the Seine Valley - Enjeux & Perspectives Vallée de la Seine” which focuses on the themes of inter-modality and the decarbonisation of the flow of traffic.

Le Havre Terminal Exploitation © Michel Bizien - Grand Port Maritime du Havre

The notebook “Challenges and Prospects for the Seine Valley - Inter-modality and the decarbonisation of the traffic flow” reviews the situation, through the eyes and projects of key players in the Seine Valley, of the organisation and improvements being made to inter-modality of goods being transported along the water course and the supply sources of low carbon energy along the Seine Valley. These two strategic levers have been identified to meet the territory’s economic, energy and environmental challenges. 

The first part, that deals with intermodal transportation together with the shift towards bulk modes, highlights the importance and prerequisite of organising space and logistics premises, because the ability  to accommodate bulk networks (via rail and waterways) depends on intermodal terminals as well as the cooperation of players, particularly port and railway managers. The second part addresses the issue of decarbonisation and shows how players are currently actively engaged in accelerating the widespread use of low carbon solutions for mobility. 

This work is accompanied by a map showing the present situation and highlighting the structure of the Seine Valley in terms of inter-modality and its low-carbon energy supply. The note concludes with a number of issues and recommendations resulting from interviews and discussions with partners.

The publication, produced with the support of Aucame, is part of a series of five thematic notebooks ”The Seine Valley Challenges and Prospects” produced in 2021 by the Seine Valley urban planning agencies in the context of the Seine Valley CPIER. These notebooks describe the situation along the Seine Valley in regard to the selected themes, identify the issues on the territory and recommend concrete guidelines and measures for the future. The five themes covered are: land used for economic activities and logistics, inter-modality and the decarbonisation of freight transportation, sustainable tourism, agricultural and food dynamics as well as the bio-sourced, construction material sectors.

The entire collection of notebooks is available on the website of the Seine Valley Urbanism Agencies’ Cooperation.