Conservation and enhancement of raw water resources - Parisian rainwater management

Rows of roadside trees, grassed beneath and bordered by pavements, existing and proposed state - Paris 11th/20th districts © Photomontage Apur
This study continues the thinking on the management of raw water ressources in the city which has been included in Apur’s partnership programme since 2010. The aim is to develop a forward looking vision of the role of the alternative ressources to drinking water in an urban context and to improve awareness of how they are dealt with on different scales in the present day and how they could be in the future.
The study began in the context of the 2014 and 2015 partnership programme with the City of Paris Department of Sanitation and Water (DPE). Its objective is to territorialise the management of rainwater and is similar to work done on the Paris rainwater plan -Plan Pluie à Paris- in that it puts forward a variety of proposals on a scale of public and private space (representative existing neigbourhoods, street blocks, land plots).
This approach is divided into two main parts. The first is the thematic observation of the various links between rainwater and the city. This addresses the principal objectives and issues linked to the underground , ground, vegetation and construction. Each theme has recommendations which summarise and illustrate possible action to be taken. The second part examines the overall range of transformation of what is already in place using sample cases of the urban fabric (denses outskirts, pre1949 cheap housing (HBM), housing estates, land plot types). The plans of action carried out on these sample areas or likely to be put into action on a wider scale in public and private spaces in Paris are then studied in the form of detailed technical data sheets.
The simulations carried out show that it is possible to reach ambitious objectives of reducing the amount of rainwater which never reaches the purification system by acting in a widespread manner upon the existing urban fabric and by diversifying techniques.
  • Introduction
  • Rainwater and the city
  • Practical management of rainwater
  • Conclusion
  • Appendixes


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  • Conservation and enhancement of raw water resources - Parisian rainwater management

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