Contribution to drawing up a strategy for action on public spaces in the Ville de Montreuil

Contribution to drawing up a strategy for action on public spaces in Montreuil
Since June 2012, the town, Ville de Montreuil, and Apur have been exchanging ideas about public spaces in Montreuil as part of their long-term agreement (2012-2014) on studies which are listed in the the Parisian Urbanism Agency's partnership programme.
Apur's work has involved public spaces within the Ville de Montreuil with the aim of drawing up a shared strategic plan.
The method developed by Apur has various aspects, alternating map-making, thematic analysis and periods of exchange in the form of workshops which have enabled knowledge and criticism of projects and the way they are put together to be shared.
Description of the territory
An important part of the work consists of proposing map making tools essential to analysing on every scale, from metropolitan issues to those in the home. Over and above their use within the study, this cartographic material is transferred to services in the form of a GIS and is intended to form the foundations for detailed and coordinated management of the municipal territory.
Forward looking analysis
Based on the cartographic material produced, the forward looking analysis is organised around a number of themes : the hierarchy of road systems, landscape and usage with at each instance an assessment of the present situation followed by a forward looking analysis of the developments which will be brought about by projects to come.
Methods and principals
The question of method and principles is particularly important considering the extent of the work to be done. The evolution of ways of designing development plans for public spaces needs to be based on a culture and objectives which are shared by all key players, whether they be in charge of the day to day management or of the transformation of development sectors.
The workshops have mobilised  different departments of the Ville de Montreuil and bodies involved in transformations already underway so that the experiences of each be shared with the others. The first workshop dealt with methods, challenges and the main principles of action upon public spaces. Those that followed tried to define collectively the places and strategies for potential projects.
Application of the strategic principles on the Rue de Paris
Rue de Paris which is central to the structure of the whole of lower Montreuil has served for experimenting with what fast, strategic, serious and financially realistic development could be.


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