Cultural entertainment impacted by the crisis linked to Covid-19 in Ile-de-France

Video games, streaming platforms and information services have been boosted by the crisis while live performance, music and museums have been extremely affected.

One particular summer - Un été particulier - Institut du Monde Arabe © Ville de Paris - Joséphine Brueder

This note was produced jointly with the Ile-de-France Regional Directorate of Insee and the Paris Region Institute.

Very many cultural domains are known to have had heavy job losses during the strict lockdown in spring 2020, but certain have recovered better than others: the field of books almost reached its pre-crisis level by the beginning of 2021. Conversely the drop in work in 2020 was severe for the performance arts and music and lasted into the beginning of 2021.

Ile-de-France has a privileged place in the field of culture: there are a lot of artists, a dynamic network of companies, training centres, access to funding and professional networks. In 2017, it accommodated 31,000 jobs in cultural domains, 147,000 of which were directly linked to a profession in the arts. The audio-visual and cinematographic fields is particularly concentrated in Ile-de-France, with two out of three jobs in the sector. 

A large majority (88%) of these jobs are concentrated in the Greater Paris - Grand Paris Metropolis -.
In addition to these 310,000 jobs, 108,000 people have jobs linked to a cultural profession without actually working directly in the sector: this is the case, for example, of a designer in a textile company or an accountant in a production company. With a total of nearly 420,000 jobs in a sector or profession linked to the arts, Ile-de-France is the leading region in the country, concentrating more than four jobs out of ten on a national scale. Approximately 230,000 of these jobs in Ile-de-France are located in Paris.

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Infographie - La culture diversement impactée par la crise liée à la covid-19 en Île-de-France © Apur


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