Data available in Open Data

Data available on Open Data
Apur is partaking in the open data movement begun in 2014 by releasing new previously unpublished data via a new, more easily accessible platform.
This platform offers a space for researching, consultating, viewing and downloading numerous sets of data, at all scales, in KLM worksheet format,  shapefile format or via API links, of areas at the periphery of Paris and in the Greater Paris -Grand Paris- Metropolis.
Detailed technical files are also available to help reuse data.
Access the platform via the link:
The data is categorised under the following themes:
  • Reference data,
  • Facilities and services, 
  • Economy, employment, commerce,
  • Environment, nature and networks, 
  • Habitat and housing, 
  • Social and societal, 
  • Public space and mobility,
  • City, towns and urban forms,
  • History and heritage.
When downloading these data users commit to respecting the ODbL licensing terms
Apur will continue this open data movement releasing new and already published, updated data on this same platform regularly, thus participating in the innovative initiative to share public resources.