Database on businesses and shops in Paris (BDCOM)

Shops in Paris


To facilitate actions undertaken separately or in partnership in the field of commerce, the City of Paris, the Delegation of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry -CCIP-: and the Apur have agreed to improve their knowledge of Parisian trading. To achieve this they have, since 1997, put together a common database called Database on Trade and Commerce in Paris -Banque de données sur le commerce -BDcom- aimed at permitting analysis of the commercial fabric and its evolution.

The -BDCom- updates an inventory of Parisian commercial businesses. through periodical surveys carried out on all Parisian streets.  These surveys have taken place in 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2007. The next one is programmed for 2011.  Surveyed premises are those situated within Paris, on the ground floor, with a display window and visible access from a public space. Premises located in courtyards or  commercial centres are also taken into consideration.

The database created from these surveys indicates for each premises:

  • The address
  • The type of premises (office, public facility, retail outlet, empty premises etc...)  
  • Its location (on a street, a corner ...)
  • If relevant:  the  premises being part of a social housing estate.

For active trading businesses the following is specified:

  • The type of business being run
  • Its trade name
  • Possible ownership of the trade name by a commercial group or  network
  • The surface area given to trade (by scale: less than 300m², from 300m² to 1000m², over 1000m²)

The -BDCom's- programme of activities is fixed within the framework of an Execution Convention established between the City of Paris, the Paris Delegation of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry -CCIP- and the Apur. The present agreement covers the period between 2010 – 2012. Every year an additional clause specifies  the precise content of work to be carried out. Work to be done and updated is entrusted to the Apur.