Documentation collection

Collection of documents

Built up since the agency was opened, the Apur documentation collection is devoted to the urban, social and economic evolution of Paris in its Francilian context and in comparison to the other great European and International metropolises.

Made up mainly of Apur studies and publications, it forms a specialised collection on urbanism, development, public space, architecture, transport, housing, economy, the environment, sustainable development... it has over 15,000 document references which include Apur publications (studies, the Paris Projet collection and the Notes de 4 pages), books, plans,  Council of Paris deliberations, study and research reports, public reports, theses and memoirs. It can be consulted at the Resources Centre by appointment with the Documentation Department made by e-mail or telephone :
Sérida Zaïd 01 42 76 22 49 or 01 42 76 22 44.
Documents cannot be lent