The economic fabric of the station neighbourhoods along the Grand Paris Metro Line 18

The economic fabric of the station neighbourhoods along Grand Paris Metro L18


A substantial number of highly skilled jobs and a significant potential for development around the urban campus of Saclay
The future Grand Paris Express Line 18 will connect ten stations of which eight are new, from Versailles Chantiers to Orly Airport. This line, whose route extends the furthest outside the limits of the Grand Paris Metropolis, crosses territories which are not densely populated but are involved in large development projects. In 2012, 55,300 salaried employees were working in the ten station neighbourhoods along Line 18. The majority of jobs in four neighbourhoods (Satory, Saint-Quentin Est, Antonypôle and Orly Airport) are in manufacturing and support. In four others there is a substantial number of jobs in public services: higher education in Orsay-Gif and Palaiseau, hospital jobs in Massy-Opéra and a greater diversity of public sector jobs in Versailles Chantiers. In the CEA Saint-Aubin neighbourhood, seven out of ten jobs are filled by senior management and executives in the tertiary sector. As a final point, the economic fabric is more diverse in the Massy-Palaiseau neighbourhood. Over the last fifteen years, the focus of the construction industry has been on building places of work, especially offices, in particular in Massy-Palaiseau.
The Grand Paris Express (GPE) Line 18 will serve ten stations, of which three will be new, connecting Versailles Chantiers to Orly Airport where an intersection with Line 14 will be created. This new transport network will by its nature alter the economic fabric of the neighbourhoods accommodating these stations, so it is important to understand their current characteristics before being able to measure the impact this network will have.
All the publications of the Grand Paris station neighbourhoods Observatory are available on the Apur website, via a datavisualisation tool.


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