Everyday shopping in Grand Paris

The Greater Paris - Grand Paris Metropolis - has a dense network of shops and services for everyday needs, a quality that adds to its attractiveness. This network provides urban animation, a street landscape and an exceptional level of services which are a major asset in this period of crisis and contribute to the territory’s resilience.

Rue de la République, Saint-Denis (93) © Apur

Everyday shops and services are establishments close to where one lives that offer products and services that you need every day. Access within 5 minutes to 3 shops (bakery, chemist’s, bookshop / newspaper shop) was the calculation made for Grand Paris Metropolis. Approximately 40% of the population have access to these types of local shops no more than 5 minutes walk away. Conversely 21% have to go further than this to reach at least one of these shops. Within the metropolitan area, the population of Paris benefits from an extremely comprehensive network of local shops (96%).
In other areas between 1/5 and 1/3 members of the population have access to these shops within 5 minutes walk away.

Infographie - Les commerces du quotidien dans le Grand Paris © Apur


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    Everyday shopping in Grand Paris

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