The evolution of cultural commercial outlets in Paris 2003 – 2014

The evolution of cultural commercial outlets in Paris 2003 – 2014
This study focuses on the evolution of ground floor cultural commercial outlets in Paris in 2016. It is the result of the exploitation of the BDCom, Apur’s database which gathers information about the type of businesses in Paris operating at street level which are open to the public.
Whereas the number of art galleries went up between 2003 and 2014 (+21%) as well as the more uncertain figure for video games shops (+52%), the general trend of cultural commercial outlets is downwards: -52% for shops selling records, CDs and DVDs, -27% for shops making and selling prints, -24% for the sale of old and autographed books, -22% for bookshops, -9% for bookbinding and finishing, -6% for musical instrument sales, -5% for haute couture creation. Nevertheless, certain activities have stabilised since 2011, not registering any closures, or these closures being compensated for by the opening of new shops. This category includes haute couture creation, prints and bookbinding and finishing.
Since 2000, the increase of e-commerce and the general worldwide decrease in consumption of cultural goods has had a powerful effect on cultural outlets, particularly shops, which largely explains the negative changes that have been observed. In 2015, a counter-offensive was mounted in support of city businesses, emphasising their strong points and implementing the changes needed to diversify their services and create a presence on the internet for themselves. Paris is where the importance of dealing with this problem has become clear, certain sectors occupying a privileged position (art, fashion, and luxury goods, for example) and independent bookshops showing a marked resilience since 2008.
Because they make an important contribution to the identity and attractivity of Paris, cultural commercial outlets are backed by public policies encouraging the sector to make the necessary changes. Evidence of this are the many actions undertaken by the City of Paris in conjunction with the the Society for mixed economies and commercial activities serving the territories SEMAEST within the framework of the Vital’Quartier and Paris&Co operation for the creation of incubators and back up for networks and professional associations supporting bookshops, record shops and art galleries.


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