Fashion and design in Paris - jobs, events, places

Fashion and design in Paris - jobs, events, places
Is Paris still considered as the world capital of fashion and an outstanding, fertile ground for the expression of historical and contemporary design? The competition from its principal rivals, coming mainly from Milan, London and New-York, leads one to question the role and influence of these economic sectors in the capital. 
Apur has included some promising sectors-of-the-future for the Parisian economy in its work programme which include fashion and design. This study endeavors to define the ecosystems within fashion and design as important areas of Paris’ economic vitality as well as to its ever evolving identity. 
The study offers a panorama of all the sectors that make up the world of fashion and design in Paris. From the original concept to fabrication,  from luxury to ready-to-wear distribution, to the innovation of new retail outlets,  from the Viaduc des Arts to the Rue de la Mode in rue des Gardes, Paris 18, from training to the forever more complex professions, to fashion shows and salons, the seasonal international rendez-vous, flagships of Parisian luxury, to symbols of the art of French life-style … so many composite aspects which play a role in this economic, culturel and symbolic synergy which is unique in the world. 
A luxury industry, when playing the role of driving force in these economic sectors, while remaining a research laboratory which spreads into all its connecting sectors. The creative vitality of Parisian designers, both pioneering and inventive, has also changed selling styles, new ways of dressing and fitting oneself up. And has audaciously set up a new range of shops in the east “L’Est Parisien”, thus rendering these traditionally less commercial areas more dynamic.


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