Feasibility study on the project of setting up an urban river dock at -Les Ardoines- Vitry-sur-Seine

Feasibility study on the project of setting up an urban river dock
Following a consultative process instigated by the Orly Rungis Seine Amont Public Development Establishment EPA-ORSA, the Paris Urbanism Agency was selected to carry out a study on the feasibility of building a dock on the river in the Ardoines sector, as part of the territorial development Contract (CDT) for Greater Orly-Rungis-Seine-Amont. The study has been co-funded  by the  public finance institution -Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations- in the context of the EcoCité measure of the investments for the future - Investissements d’Avenir- programme. The area covers approximately 300 hectares and will indeed change enormously over the next thirty years : in its industrial make up, its urban fabric and its links to the metropolitan public transport system.
The management of the construction work, which is exceptionally large scale in regards to the area covered (over 300 hectares) and its duration (planned to be finished by 2040), imposes certain operational requirements and implies a specific organisational flow chart for each of its different phases.  On top of this the entrance to a tunnel for the new line 15 of the Grand Paris Express will also be built on the Ardoines site.
Ways of minimizing the impact on the environment are being sought even during the initial phases of construction. For this a river route could  be advantageous and provide a good alternative to road transport for removing building debris, rubble and material coming from demolition as well as transporting building materials and equipment. This mode of transport would make it possible to limit the CO2 gas emissions and the carbon footprint of the project as well as avoiding the saturation of traffic on the already limited road routes.
After having clarified the vocabulary used to define urban river facilities, the study identifies the needs and proposes elements for the programme. On this basis it highlights potential sites which could accommodate port facilities, taking into account the regulatory, land, technical and easement right of way constraints. Following this come propositions for the project's urban and landscape integration making reference to similar projects carried out elsewhere.  Possible ways for putting together the financial plan and a project completion schedule are also proposed.
  • Introduction
  • Defining concepts, meeting needs and making proposals for the programme
  • Identifying potential sites  for implementation
  • Conditions for carrying out the project
  • Setting up the project
  • Conclusion


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  • Feasibility study on the project of setting up an urban river dock at -Les Ardoines- Vitry-sur-Seine

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