The first ever exhibition of the Greater Paris Metropolis -Grand Paris- now available on-line

Primer for the future of the Metropolis of Greater Paris, Notebook 1
A free access exhibition for finding out more about metropolitan issues.
The primer A to Z for the future Greater Paris Metropolis -Grand Paris- compiled as part of the Pre-planning Mission by Apur and the Ile-de-France urbanism agency IAU-îdF, forms a documentary basis which covers Paris, the 124 communes of the three departments which make up the inner ring of suburbs – la Petite Couronne - (92, 93, 94) of the future metropolis and the 47 bordering communes which may possibly include its outer boundary.
A selection of maps and data from the primer are shown forming a travelling exhibition available, free of charge, as from 1st December 2014, down-loadable and printable in large format. It is intended to be for all types of public, authorities, municipalities, educational establishments, neighborhood associations...
This series of “landmark maps” makes it possible to understand the territory's geographical and historical basis, the major transformations underway and to be aware of  today's particularities with a view to future developments.
The exhibition is intended as a invitation to discover the communes and territories, to share knowledge about them for the benefit of the metropolitan project for the future Greater Paris metropolis -Métropole du Grand Paris- which remains to be written.
In 2014 the Greater Paris Metropolis - Grand Paris - had 6,7 thousand inhabitants, 1,6 thousand of which were young people under 20 // with a density of inhabitants per  km2,, nearly 9 times greater than the regional average // 46,8 thousand visitors per year: the first travel destination in the world // 4,1 thousand jobs: 1st European employment hub /// An economy which creates 500,000 jobs, an internationally attractive dynamic // 7 out of 10 companies created in the Ile-de-France region // 38 thousand m2 surface area forming the 1st European office-stock.
The exhibition and the Primer A to Z are available on these sites:
Press contacts:
Pre-planning Mission/ Cécile Denis : 06 28 02 02 69

IAU-IDF / Sandrine Kocki : 01 77 49 75 78

APUR / Renaud Paque : 01 42 76 21 59


Documents to download

  • The Greater Paris Metropolis-Grand Paris- from A to Z – 16 panels in 84x120cm format

    Format : pdf, 119.79 MB
  • The Greater Paris Metropolis-Grand Paris- from A to Z – 16 panels in A4 format

    Format : pdf, 40.27 MB