Geographic data catalogue

Catalogue of Apur's technical data
For more than 40 years, Apur has been creating and adding to its geographic databases covering Paris, the inner suburbs and part of the outer suburbs. It has made sure they are consistent and standardised.
In 2012, the first catalogue of geographic reference data was produced and made available to the public. At the end of 2014, Apur published an update of this catalogue, augmented by new environmental data on the following themes: winter thermography, summer thermography, solar land registry, development and public transport projects, heritage, etc…
The present catalogue regroups the various layers available in Apur’s GIS repository in the form of files illustrated by maps and organised into 4 main categories:
  • Reference data (boundaries, IRIS -Institute of International and Strategic Relations-, housing blocks, facilities, plots of land, addresses, constructed land, existing network, orthophotography, topography),
  • Environmental data,
  • Project-Transport database,
  • Heritage database.
All this data collected by Apur has been supplied by numerous leading partners amongst which: the City of Paris departments (DU-Department of Urbanism-, DEVE -Department of Studies and Student Life-, DVD-Department of Transport), the DGFIP - Department of Public Finances-, Insee-Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies-, regional councils, the BSPP -Paris Fire Brigade, RATP-Paris City Transport Authority-, CCIP-Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry-, DRIEA-Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Facilities and Development, etc… Apur brings added value to this data by themed cross-referencing, geometric consistency, structuring, documentation, accurate digitization and clear ideas for the future.
Part of this data has been available on Apur’s website since 2013 via the cartographic consultation tool CASSINI.
In addition, Apur has begun working with the Open Data approach where its own data is concerned.
A first dataset was released and uploaded onto Apur’s website in September 2014: administrative boundaries, bodies of water as well as all the public transport systems both in existence and projected (Grand Paris project) as a first step. This work continued up to the end of 2014 with the release of data covering the road network, physical and statistical housing blocks, facilities (land occupation and database services) in Paris and the inner suburbs, the regional rail network and constructed land in Paris.
New datasets will be released in 2015.
Information has been added to this new catalogue enriched with new data about consulting it when using the tool CASSINI or gaining access via Open Data.


Documents to download

  • Catalogue of reference data

    Format : pdf, 67.63 MB