Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods

September 2017, last updated 26 May 2021
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The Observatory of Grand Paris station neighbourhoods is a partnership tool shared by the Grand Paris Transport and Development Organisation (SGP), the Ile-de-France Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Infrastructure and Development (DRIEA) and the Paris Urbanism Agency (Apur).

The site of the planned “Arcueil-Cachan” station with the GPE line 15 project

The Observatory was set up by Apur in 2013 as a tool to understand and analyse all the future station neighbourhoods in the Grand Paris Express network, through monographic studies covering each neighbourhood and cross-analyses of the planned GPE lines. These analyses cover 6 themes: densities, centralities, the urban and landscape context, demographic, family and social changes, mobility and the dynamics of construction and urban projects.

In addition to these documents, there are complementary themed studies on culture, economic fabric, health service provision, sports and housing stock in the Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods.

All these documents are accessible via an interactive map. Much of the data concerning the station neighbourhoods contained in various Observatory studies are also available in Open data. An accompanying note gives a concise overview of the work of the Observatory of Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods, as well as a few illustrations taken from the monographs and cross-analyses.

A summary of all the work of the Observatory of GPE station neighbourhoods has been published which goes over the main lessons to emerge from the six themes studied.

Following the description of its work produced from 2013 to 2017, the Observatory of Grand Paris Express Station Neighbourhoods has, since 2018, analysed the transformations underway connected to the arrival of the métro. This is the subject of studies on changes in the Grand Paris Express Station Neighbourhoods.

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