Higher education facilities in Grand Paris

A consolidated database

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Once the Grand Paris Express is in service, access to higher education facilities in Ile-de-France will greatly improve. In order to measure the advantages of this new offer it is necessary to have a detailed referential of their location, their functioning and their size. The mobilisation of numerous key players and sources has enabled a database to be compiled of 16,300 facilities established in Ile-de-France. Systematic checking of this information has led to the number of recordings being reduced to 3,000.

These data captures were then organised under 6 headings, according to whether they concerned student accommodation, health facilities, teaching premises, libraries, university refectories or research laboratories. Adding a criteria of size allowed an even more detailed database selection matrix to be obtained. These specifications provide unquestionable advantages when multi-scale work needs to be carried out, which of course englobes Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods as well as the entire area of Greater Paris -Grand Paris- and Ile-de-France as a whole. It makes it possible to zoom-in and zoom-out and select information one wants to save. Finally it enables one to understand the impact of major structuring transport projects so that university campus projects can be completely successful and for the living conditions of students and staff linked to establishments to be improved.


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    Higher education facilities in Grand Paris - A consolidated database

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    Higher education establishments in the Greater Paris Metropolis - Grand Paris -

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