The Homeless in Paris

The City of Paris organises a ‘Night of Solidarity’ on 15 February 2018

Tents of homeless people on the embankment, Paris © Apur

On this occasion an anonymous count will be made of the number of people living in the streets. This calculation, which will be carried out with the help of social workers and voluntary Parisians, aims to assess the number of people living in the street and to increase awareness of their profiles and needs in order to adapt the proposals offered in response. Operations like this have already been carried out in a number of cities, such as Brussels, New York, Athens and Washington.

Apur accompanies the initiative in its preparatory stages and throughout the procedure. It is also member of the survey’s scientific committee.

Thanks to undertakings such as this, Apur has contributed sounder knowledge about the homeless in recent years. We suggest that you look at the studies we have carried out on the subject; the profiles of homeless people, their geographical whereabouts and the aid initiatives they are offered.