Hotels Providing Social Accomodation

Furnished hotel accommodation in Paris

The Observatory for Hotels Providing Social Accommodation was created in 2006 at the demand  of the City of Paris, following a fire in the Hotel Paris Opera in April 2005 which cost the lives of 25 people.
The aim of the Observatory is to improve knowledge of hotels providing furnished accommodation and tourist hotels, regularly used by the social services and operators as emergency social housing.

This knowledge allow the City of Paris and it's Police Headquarters to inform the social services and operators, of the situation of these establishments as to their security, fire safety and hygiene.
It also allows the City Council to know the general state and way of functioning of establishments in view of acquisition.

The Department of Housing and Living Conditions of the City of Paris  is in charge of the Observatory's activities. The Apur is responsible for tits operational running.
A Monitoring Committee supervises the Observatory's activities. This is made up of actors concerned by the issue of social housing in hotels in Paris:  the Police Headquarters, the Paris Prefecture, different services of the City of Paris and the Apur.