Housing conditions in Île-de-France

Aerial view of different types of housing in Ile-de-France ©ph.guignard@air-images.net
2017 publication following the 2013 Housing Survey
The largest portion of the French population’s living expenses goes into their housing which is both a primary necessity and a rich heritage occupying a special place in the lives of households.
Even if one third of Francilians have finished paying off their mortgages and are housed free, the other two thirds (tenants or homebuyers) put 20% of their income into housing, a cost which has steadily increased over the past 20 years.
“Housing Conditions in Île-de-France” presents the data of the last national housing survey -Logement de l’Insee-which is carried out by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies, Insee, every four years.
As the fruit of a very thorough analysis which was shared by IAU îdF, INSEE, APUR,  DRIEA and DRIHL, this document gives the most complete and recent overview of living conditions in Île-de-France, with the positive  global conclusion:  although their conditions may vary (size of and location of housing, state of the building, effort made), nine households out of ten consider their living conditions to be, on the whole, satisfactory


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  • Housing conditions in Île-de-France - 2017 publication

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  • Housing conditions in Île-de-France - 2017 publication (synthesis)

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