Iconographic collection

Iconographic collection
The Apur iconographic collection mostly concerns Paris, covering the period from 1970 to the present day. It is made up of 20,000 digital documents (photographs, maps, plans, studies…), a selection from the analog photographic collection is soon to be digitalised.
It can be consulted by appointment made with the Photo Library Department
Images cannot be lent: some digital files can be transferred under certain conditions (copyright, type of usage).
Since March 2016 photographic reports, organised in thematic albums, have been available to the general public.  These Apur photographs illustrate the studies and publications and are complementary to the map collections which are also available online.
The conditions for use are specific for each type of document and should be respected.
For any enquiries please contact the photo library.
You can access all photographic reports: here
Zingaro Equestrian Theatre in Aubervilliers © Apur – David Boureau
A sensitive urban zone in Pajol, transformation of the covered market © Apur – David Boureau Photos Primer of the future Metropolis - Notebook 2 - January 2015
View of the raised part of Calberson warehouses, Boulevard Mac Donald © Apur – David Boureau
Workshop visit: Seine-Aval © Apur 2011 FNAU in Paris - photographic coverage of workshop visits
Plenary session at the opening of the Grand Halle at La Villette on Tuesday 18th October 2011 © Apur - Johan Desportes de la Fosse