The Innovation Arc: an example of flexible cooperation

The Innovation Arc is a metropolitan project that was initiated in 2015 by the territories of Paris, Est Ensemble, Plaine Commune and Grand-Orly Seine Bièvre. It is articulated around a community of premises and innovating key players in economic, social and societal fields.

 Techshop Leroy-Merlin, 21 rue François Mitterrand, Ivry sur Seine © Apur – David Boureau

The project is an example of cooperation between territories with no specific, institutional or governance framework. The Innovation Arc curves around greater eastern Paris and developed basing itself on the economic and employment dynamics already underway in the territory, a territory that was also subject to a lot of economic and social difficulties. The project endeavours to accompany, enlarge and direct this dynamism towards local development. 

The program of initiatives is articulated around 3 levers: building a network of key players, setting up innovating spaces and local development. The initiatives underway, which aim first to heighten awareness of the territory and its key players, then to share experiences and tools, will gradually expand through numerous projects being carried out collectively. A reinforced program to enliven the Arc and support local projects began in 2018, carried out by Paris&Co.

infographie – L'Arc de l'innovation : un exemple de coopération souple


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