International tourist zones in Paris (ZTI) – Initial diagnostic of shops

International tourist zones in Paris (ZTI) – Initial diagnostic of shops
Paris is a city which has maintained a high density of businesses with 62,000 shops and commercial services, i.e. 28 shops per 1000 inhabitants.
The 12 new “International Tourist Zones” in Paris form part of a dynamic commercial environment which is strongly supported by municipal initiatives: business protection regulations put in place by the PLU, and Vital’Quartier regeneration operations. A huge diagnostic process is being carried out in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of crafts and businesses and follow this up with crafts and business revitalisation contracts.
On September 4th, 2015, the Mayor of Paris announced the setting up of an observatory to evaluate the ZTIs proposed in Paris. The creation of the ZTIs has attracted a lot of attention because they could alter the composition of the business fabric of the zones concerned as well as that in surrounding streets. It will therefore be important to observe the evolution of the balance between large and small shops, brand name and independent shops, shops catering for local inhabitants and those which cater exclusively for a tourist clientele.
This study represents the first act in the setting up of the observatory. It will present the state of play of shops in the 12 new International Tourist Zones in Paris and show the kind of context they will be operating in, from the point of view of the density and the nature of the businesses using BDCOM data 2014. It will also show the number of tourists visiting Parisian sites and monuments and the density of jobs within each zone…
The main characteristics of the 12 Parisian ZTIs are presented in the form of factsheets containing a large amount of information: surface area, job density, shop density according to different sectors of activity, main shopping streets, commercial protection regulations contained within the framework of the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) and proposals made at the time this plan was modified.


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