“Key workers” French style? Phase 2, statistical analysis of key workers in Ile-de-France – Key professions, home-workplace commute and housing conditions

“Key Workers” French style?
The Ile-de-France Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Housing and Accommodation (DRIHL Ile-de-France) has given the Paris Urbanism Agency the task of formulating a particular Ile-de-France approach to the idea of “key workers” and come up with proposals concerning housing policy. Is it appropriate to facilitate access to housing by people doing particular jobs if the aim is to mitigate the negative effects of the housing crisis on the functioning of the metropolis and its economy?
This report, which was put together during the second phase of the study, has thrown some statistical light onto the question of key workers.
In order to identify and be able to assess the number of key workers in Ile-de-France, the report first of all establishes a statistical definition of the term “key workers”. The chosen definition does not pretend to be exhaustive, rather it serves as a basis from which to make a statistical analysis of the concept of key workers in the particular context of Ile-de-France.
Following on from this, the characteristics are analysed of key workers defined as such so as to differentiate them from other workers in Ile-de-France, specially with regard to the home-workplace commute, taking into account the fact that a long journey brings with it particular difficulties. The report reveals the professions of those who live the furthest from their place of work and those who, conversely, live the closest to their place of work.
The factors taken into account by key workers when they are deciding where to live are the subject of a specific work of analysis, which looks in particular at the factors concerning place of work and home-workplace commute. The balance between housing conditions (rights of tenure, type of accommodation, number of rooms per person per household) and home-workplace commute is examined in detail.
Finally, the report provides the facts needed to understand in what way distance allows key workers to improve their housing conditions, in a context where jobs are concentrated in the centre of the region, right where both the cost of housing is the highest and there are a lot of small accommodation units for rent.


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