The latest social housing figures in Paris

If social housing that has been financed but not yet been delivered is included, Paris reaches the threshold set down in the SRU Act with 25.2% of social housing in  2023. However, the pressure of demand remains high. Over 258,000 households are registered as housing applicants in Paris.

2022 figures on social housing in Paris © RIVP

23.3% SRU of social housing on 1st January 2022

This note brings together the main figures on social housing in Paris: the number of social housing units, the development of the stock since 2001 in accordance with the SRU Act, annual social housing applications and allocations. The Government and the City of Paris officially registered 264,854 SRU, operational, social housing units on 1st January 2022: this represents 23.3% of main residences. The official number of social housing units on 1st January 2022 is not yet known, however, given the social housing programmes that were delivered in 2022 (3,631 units), it should reach 268,485 (23.6% of main residences). If the financed social housing being built or renovated is added, the ratio of social housing rises to approximately 25.2%.

The objective laid down in Article 55 of the SRU Act has therefore been reached by including the financed housing units that have not yet not delivered.
However the “Development and Renovation of the Housing Stock by 2035” strategy adopted by the City of Paris in mid-2022 sets the target of reaching 40% of public housing, 30% of which is social rental housing, by 2035.
To achieve this, Paris is pursuing a fourfold objective: to increase the number of social housing units so as to reach the benchmark fixed by the SRU Act, to distribute them more evenly across the city, to produce family housing in response to the demand in Paris and to diversify the rental offer within the same building to ensure a social mix. There is a real need in every district and social diversity can contribute to the quality of life in neighbourhoods. While the geographical rebalancing is in progresses, 40% of social housing is concentrated in only three Parisian districts: the 13th, 19th and 20th, each of which are home to more than 35,000 social housing units.

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