Social housing statistics in Paris in 2017 - Edition 2018

The main social housing figures for Paris in 2017: The number of SRU social housing units, the stock’s development over the last 15 years, demand for and allocation of social housing… 

Kellerman QPV priority neighbourhood - Paul Bourget, rue Paul Bourget - Neighbourhood restructuration - Social housing - KOZ architects - Contracting developer Elogie © Apur - Arnauld Duboys Fresney

The State and the City of Paris officially totalled 237,858 SRU social housing units in service on the 1st January 2017, that is 20,5% of main residences. From 2001 to 2017 the Paris Prefecture then the Department registered altogether 98,227 social housing units: 26,117 PLAI - Inclusive Rental Loan - (26%), 42,790 PLUS - Social Use Rental Loan - (44%) and 29,320 PLS - Social Rental Loan - (30%).

Facing this offer the number of applicants for social housing in Paris is particularly great and increasing when compared to previous years: 244,421 households renewed or put in their first application in 2017 with Paris among their choices of location.
The demand for social housing in Paris comes mainly from low income households: 67% of registered applicants for social housing in Paris have a level of income below PLAI income thresholds. Almost 11,000 Parisian social housing units were allocated during the year 2017 (contracts signed). 

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