Lead Poisening, Lack of Hygiene and Run Down Housing

Lead poisoning, unhygienic conditions and run down housing

In 2002, while engaged on an ambitious programme to reduce run down housing,  involving 1030 buildings, the City of Paris wanted to develop a monitoring system, in partnership with  State services, to follow operational development. The decision to create this Observatory appeared within the framework of the Housing Convention signed by the Government and the City of Paris in February 2002. The actual setting up of the Observatory took place in 2003, with the  Apur chosen as Project Manager.

The Observatory allows monitoring of  the progress of actions and the fight against run down housing thanks to the centralisation of  information relative to the 1030 buildings concerned by the re-absorption plan. A dozen services of the City of Paris and the Government contribute and nourish the Apur with data monthly.

Activities are decided within the framework of the Paris Housing and Living Conditions Observatory


  • Extranet Site Giving Access to Database and Indexes of Buildings (accessible to members of the Observatory)
  • Monthly Note on the State of Progress of the Fight against Lack of Hygiene (for members of the Observatory)
  • The Fight Against Lack of Hygiene in Pairs, Study Report, June 2007