Local solidarity and resilience
Field survey in Seine-Saint-Denis

This study looks at the social links created in three project sites in Seine-Saint-Denis and the way these links can contribute to a territory’s ability to deal with crises.

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The study, carried out by the Paris Urbanism Agency -  Apur -  in collaboration with the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis, focuses on the social links which emerge in the context of associative and institutional projects supported by local authorities. Three projects are analysed : the organic gardens managed by the association Aurore in Sevran, the “Pas-Si-Loin”, a third-space located in Pantin and the Ateliers Médicis in Clichy-sous-Bois. The study seeks to identify the effects and potential levers of these projects in terms of social links and local solidarity. Local involvement, collective learning and the creation of “a common ground” are all vectors of socialisation which can strengthen the power to act and encourage the exchange of know-how, or even the sharing of goods, all of which could be decisive elements in times of crisis.

The qualitative analysis of these three sites has enabled a lot of useful information to emerge on the local links and mutual-aid schemes generated by these places.  Bonds of trust are created between participants, but also with institutional and associative players, in local contexts where mistrust is sometimes great. Many initiatives observed also involve participants with heterogeneous profiles, which is often worked on within the framework of projects, allowing them to extend their network of relationships. Based on the lessons learned from the cross-analysis of the three sites, a set of action levers are proposed to reinforce effectiveness, in favour of social connections and local solidarity.  

The study is part of a series of surveys entitled “Resilience and Local Solidarity”, launched in 2020 by several partners, including the City of Paris, the 27th Region and the Paris Urbanism Agency. This work aims to support the postulate of social links as a factor of a territory’s resilience and to understand the driving forces and the obstacles to these social connections. A first survey was carried out in 2021 on sites within Paris, which focused on initiatives led by inhabitants aimed at strengthening friendliness and solidarity at a local level. 

Restitution of the study on local solidarity and resilience organized by the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis and the Atelier parisien d'urbanisme on April 11, 2023 :




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