Logistics real estate in the Greater Paris - Grand Paris
A portrait of developments by function and territory

Currently occupying an area of almost 4.5 million square metres, logistics is undoubtedly essential for the Grand Paris Metropolis to function. It continues to look for new locations on which to establish that are closer to urban centres and to develop a network on all scales, from warehouses to local urban logistics spaces.

Port de Gennevilliers Business Zone, the container terminal  © ph.Guignard@air-images.net

Apart from the real estate issue, logistics have to respond to the sometimes contradictory challenges which have a direct impact on the transportation of goods : an increase in the flow and development of e-commerce, the climate issue and the reduction of the environmental impact of the sector, as well as the demand tending towards a shorter time of delivery.  

In this study on logistics real estate, Apur lists and categorises real estate sites dedicated to logistics. The study thus establishes an initial detailed inventory of the situation on the scale of Grand Paris Metropolis and each of the 12 public territorial establishments. The database established in 2022 draws a picture of the logistics real estate offer and maps the major logistics zones on a metropolitan scale. It identifies the geographic specificities of certain territories, classifying them into eight sectors: courrier agencies, mass distribution warehouses, food warehouses, e-commerce warehouses, capital goods wholesalers, industrial logistics and finally, transport and logistics.

Although the main metropolitan logistics zones remain popular, opportunities are diversifying, as much in size as in the type of location and form. 

The study shows the development of logistics real estate and provides information that can help to  integrate it into development projects and urban planning documents, in order to preserve land for this essential urban service and thus optimise the network.


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    Logistics real estate in the Greater Paris - Grand Paris - A portrait of developments by function and territory

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