Montreuil – Public Space Workshops

Montreuil – Public Space Workshops
In June 2012 the Montreuil Town Council and Apur instigated a process of reflection on Monteuil's public spaces in the context of one of the study agreements included in The Apur, Parisian Urbanism Agency's, partnership programme.
The aim of the study was to propose the first draft of a  shared strategic plan for Montreuil's public spaces based on a forward looking diagnostic of  public spaces and landscape within Montreuil. The method developed by Apur for understanding the complexity of the subject proposed :
  • as precise an assessment of the present situation as possible, which allows knowledge to be shared and and provides an analysis grid of public spaces ;
  • a process which mobilises the different departments of Montreuil's Town Council and key players involved in ongoing transformations, in order to define through an iterative process the issues to be addressed, operational methods and actions to be carried out in the years to come.
In order to achieve this, two workshops were organised on the 23rd October and 11th December2012. Over thirty people attended.
  • Current situation of public spaces
  • Account of the 23rd October 2012 Workshop 
  • Account of the 11th December 2012 Workshop 
  • Synthesis plan of areas covered in the Workshops
  • Area files


Documents to download

  • Montreuil – Public Space Workshops

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