The new Demolition Database on building and public works - BTP - waste

Apur’s newly created Demolition Database has made it possible to identify almost 16 million tons of BTP construction and public works waste, produced by development operations, by 2030. In conjunction with CSTB, it has been possible to define 8 types of waste among this future source which represent over 11 million tons of material.

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Thanks to the exploitation of the newly created Demolition Database, this note aims to provide quantitative and qualitative information about the surfaces to be demolished in building and public works sectors up until 2030, as well as to document the volumes of waste generated. For the first time and in liaison with the CSTB and Ademe, Apur has listed these materials in detail, distinguishing 8 categories: concrete, stone, plaster, wood, metals, ceramics, tiles, windows and insulation.

This note follows on from studies previously published by Apur, firstly on construction sites in the North-East of Grand Paris, then on the evolution of material requirements. This work was based on the exploitation of the new database : Demolition Database. 

In order to put in place circular economy channels on future construction sites in Grand Paris Metropolis, it is above all important to carry out quantitative and qualitative estimates of the demolition in development projects over the period 2022-2030. This note is intended to be in line with this approach and is organised under two main themes: 

  • To juxtapose the m² to be built with the m² to be demolished and rehabilitated in the Metropolis territory by territory.
  • To estimate the volume of material available up until 2030 in order to begin the possible synergies of each sector within development operations.

This information will make it possible to connect with the study on sectors and to identify the platforms able to transform the deposits when synergies are not possible.

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