Nomination of Dominique Alba as Director of Apur

article - têtière actu - Nomination de D. Alba à la Direction de l'Apur

At the outcome of the Board of Directors ' vote on 31st January 2012, Anne HIDALGO, First Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urbanism and architecture and President of the Parisian Urbanism Agency  Apur, announced the nomination of Dominque ALBA as Director (Directrice générale) of Apur as from the 1st February 2012. The Board of Directors voted unanimously in favour of his nomination.

Dominique ALBA thus becomes the  successor of Francis ROL-TANGUY , general engineer of bridges, water and forests -Ponts et des Eaux et Forêts-, who, following his demand to leave his post as Director, will rejoin the  General Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development on the 1st February 2012.

In September 2008, Bernard DELANOË and Anne HIDALGO wanted to renew and reinforce the team of directors at the Parisian Urbanism Agency to accompany the newly elected  City Council term of office and deal with the growing importance of Paris Metropole and face the challenges of a sustainable city. Francis ROL-TANGUY was nominated  Director at the time  with Dominique ALBA as Deputy Director.

This nomination by the Board of Directors reconfirms the intentions mapped out in 2008, in particular that Apur should continue in its metropolitan orientation. Dominique  ALBA is an architect and has been General Director  of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal since 2003.

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