Office space in Paris and its potential convertibility

Office space in Paris and its potential convertibility
The survey of office buildings in Paris with surface areas of over 1,000 m2, which began in 2014, has now been finalised. The work was based on the cross-referencing of 7 files dealing with land and real estate data (The Department of Public Finance DGFIP,  construction permits, sales and rentals recorded by property marketers), and with employment (The Registry of Business Premises and Companies SIRENE).
The work led to the total surface area of office premises in Paris being recalculated (18 million m2,) which exceeds the estimations published by the business property observatory ORIE (16,4 million m2,). It has also enabled maps to be made of Paris office premises of over 1,000 m2), defining the periods when they were built (40% date from before 1940) and their type of ownership (70 % have sole ownership).
To a certain extent it allows obsolete office space to be located, representing a reserve for future conversion operations.
Different categories are specified which are more or less apt for conversion:
  • vacant offices which have not been restructured (147 buildings with a total of 370,000 m2).
  • only partly occupied office buildings (138 buildings totaling 470,000m2). 
  • buildings with a number of characteristics necessitating major changes, not having been renovated for over 15 years,  which have single ownership, only one business activity and one occupant (390 buildings with 1,5 million m2).


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