Paris, measures to prevent the deterioration of buildings - 2019 results

Since 2008, the Observatory of Parisian Building Deterioration Prevention has made it possible to identify buildings each year that need to be monitored, in order to identify potentially dangerous situations as early as possible.

Building at risk of becoming run down in 20th district © Apur

Substandard housing remains an issue in Parisian public policy, with 40% of housing being over 100 years old and 75% over 50 years old. From 2002 to 2018, an unprecedentedly, widespread plan to combat substandard housing enabled the rundown Parisian housing stock to be reintegrated.

During this period, 2,172 buildings, representing 56,000 housing units, were dealt with mainly by mobilising aid from the National Housing Agency - Anah -, which was completed by the City of Paris¹. Finally in order to prevent other buildings from falling into disrepair, a municipal policy is continually implemented. This includes monitoring the private housing stock, taking action that includes coercive and incentive measures as well as having a preventive approach.

Each year since 2008, a list of Parisian buildings in the greatest danger of becoming run down is made by the Paris Urbanism Agency - Apur -, in liaison with the City of Paris Department of Housing and Living Conditions - DLH -, to enable administrative intervention as early as possible. The aim is to avoid these buildings falling into the downward spiral towards insalubrity. 

The Observatory of Parisian Building Deterioration Prevention, set up in 2008, compiles the list of buildings to be monitored annually. The method is based on the selection, weighting and cross referencing of a number of indicators, relative to a building’s typology, quality and upkeep, its management and occupation characteristics. Each year between 150 and 300 buildings are reported to the Technical Services of the City of Paris’ Department of Housing. A total of 1,160 buildings have been identified through this procedure since 2008.

Infographie - Paris, prévention de la dégradation du bâti © Apur


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