Paris Nature Atlas

livre - tétière - Atlas de la Nature

Crickets in the metro, falcons at Notre-Dame, foxes in the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne, wild orchids on wasteland, wine-making and bee-keeping - Paris is also a city where nature is omnipresent in all its forms: nearly 500 000 trees and 2 900 species of wild animals and plants have been identified.

The Paris Nature Atlas gives a complete and richly illustrated overview of the fauna and flora of the capital. It gives detailed knowledge of this aspect of the city’s heritage, with a view to defending and protecting it. It also puts forward the often conflicting and critical views of urban planners, landscapers, geographers, natural scientists and architects in the on-going debate about the place of Nature in the city. It combines contributions that are both the results of reflection led by the Apur and also by some of the most renowned specialists on the subject.

The atlas is published with the scientific support of Jacques Moret, Director of the Biodiversity Inventory and follow-up Unit of the Paris Natural History Museum, in partnership with the Urban Ecology Service of the Department for Parks, Gardens and Green Spaces of the City of Paris, and in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Le Dantec, Director of the National School of Architecture Paris-La Villette.

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