Paris Projet n°2 - Paris, a city of offices?

This issue of Paris Projet published in 1970 questions the increasing amount of space occupied by offices in the capital. From the development angle, the revue opens a large file devoted to safeguarding the Marais.

View of the high-rise Tours de la Rapée seen from the the left bank © Apur

Table of contents:

Is Paris a city of offices?

Editorial : J. Beaujeu-Garnier

Offices out to conquer Paris

  • The capital, stronghold of the civil service
  • The crisis of “office-cities” in the USA: J. Amalric

The plan to safeguard the Marais

  • Presentation to Paris City Council of the Marais Safeguard Plan 
  • About the Marais: questions to M. Arretche 

Computers at the service of developers: J. de Barrin

The City of Paris’ ten year effort to provide facilities: P. Reverdy
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