Paris Projet n°8 - The forum des Halles

Three years after the wholesale market moved to Rungis, Paris Projet turns once again to the Halles area and the debates...

Cross section and perspective drawing of the Halles Project © Doc. Apur / Semah - Ville de Paris

... brought about by such an exceptionally large project. 

In addition, the review launches a lengthly appeal advocating buses as an alternative to cars in a city on the brink of suffocation.

Finally this issue revisits the history of big department stores and questions the future of these Parisian institutions.

Table of contents:

Forum des Halles

  • Development data
  • In search of a lost vocation
  • A decisive consultation 


Pro buses in Paris

The beginnings of Parisian department stores

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    Paris Projet n°8 - The forum des Halles

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