Paris Terres d'Envol workshops

4 thematic workshops in preparation for the territorial project and local inter-municipal urbanism plans -PLUI-

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In order to prepare its territorial project and draw up its PLUI, Paris Terres d’Envol wanted to organise workshops to deepen knowledge about the area and clarify the environmental, heritage and landscape urban principles and challenges as contribution to the territorial diagnosis and the process of defining the main guidelines of its territorial project.
Workshops, held from April to July 2019, were able, on the basis of preparatory dossiers on each theme, to bring together local authority departments of the area, public territorial establishment (EPT) departments and some of the principal key players in the area, notably the development establishment Grand Paris Aménagement (GPA), the public policy organisation Société Publique Locale Le Bourget, the Regional and Inter-departmental Department of Facilities and Development (DRIEA) and the Departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Each workshop explored a particular aspect of urban planning and development.
Four themes were thus successively addressed: the environment, housing, economic development, urban morphology and projects.

Discussions which took place during the workshops focused on certain issues: 

  • Environment : questions dealt with environmental quality, the presence of nature and ways to reinforce it, enhancement of landscapes, prevention of the risk and the reduction of various types of pollution.
  • Housing : questions involved the housing policy and its different facets: social housing, sub-standard housing, residential roads and specific housing solutions as well as the tools necessary for developing and reinforcing the quality of housing in the area.
  • Economic development : questions dealt with zones of economic activity, their future and their transformation, the need for commercial real-estate that is adapted to modern day requirements and their evolution, and finally the new sectors and innovating industries. 
  • Urban morphology and projects : questions looked at the characteristics of existing urban fabrics, their qualities and evolution as well as the evolution of regulatory tools in relation to urban development and transport projects to be completed by 2030. 


Apur assisted Paris Terres d’Envol to prepare and host workshops and to draw up the summarising report.
In this context, Apur produced preparatory documents by gathering data and studies related to the subjects to be addressed from its own databases and studies, from which parts focusing on the area were extracted. Data and dossiers provided by Paris Terres d’Envol, taken from its departments’ and commissioned studies, completed the range of documents used.
In this way for example, documents for the “Housing” workshop included a summary of files by the Nation Agency for Urban Renovation -NPNRU-; the “Economic Development” workshop integrated a study on the real-estate needs of companies carried out for the Greater Paris development establishment - GPA- as well as a study carried out by the public territorial establishments -EPT- on businesses in neighbourhoods included in the City Urban Cohesion Policy, etc.

These dossiers were sent, in a provisional version, to towns within the territory a week before the workshop. They could thus be consulted in preparation for the workshop and discussed with the departments involved and any mistakes or adjustments needed could be indicated.
During the workshop, each participant was invited to speak and debate on the basis of an introductory statement and some questions to structure the discussion. Finally an oral rendition summarising the debates closed the session.
Following the workshop, the corrected dossier was consolidated and made available to the general public.

At a second stage, a summary of workshops was put together and contributes to discussions within the territory in the context of putting together the pre-diagnosis of the PLUI.  

Preparatory dossiers can be found online here.


Documents to download

  • Workshop

    Paris Terres d'Envol workshops - Workshop 1 : Paysage / Nature

    Format : pdf, 28.29 MB
  • Workshop

    Paris Terres d'Envol workshops - Workshop 2 : Economic development and businesses

    Format : pdf, 15.19 MB
  • Workshop

    Paris Terres d'Envol workshops - Workshop 3 : Housing / Living environment

    Format : pdf, 11.5 MB
  • Workshop

    Paris Terres d'Envol workshops - Workshop 4 : Urban fabrics and projects

    Format : pdf, 12.28 MB