Parisian Families

Seine embankments © Apur - David Boureau

The Observatory of Parisian Families was created in 2006 to know better and to study this concept  which had been given very little consideration when addressing human and social issues.

The Observatory helps to clarify actions to be taken, thus responding better to the needs of Parisian families. A charter adopted in January 2006 specifies its objectives: to know Parisian families and their characteristics better, to understand their evolution over time, to analyse the use families make of public services and facilities.
The Apur's missions are to assemble and mutualise existing numeric data, to establish pertinent indicators, to set up tools to help follow the public policies which the Paris Authorities and their partners follow concerning families, to evaluate the situation via an annual report on the evolution of the principal aspects of  families in Paris.

A Steering Committee defines  directions to be taken.:  Presided over by the Deputy Mayor of Paris responsible for  Families and Infants, it unites the actors  concerned by the evolution of families:  the Government, the Regional Council, the French Social Security and Child Benefit Office -CAF-, Council members,  associations, professionals of the field. It benefits from the support of the scientific expert  Mr Guy Desplanques, who specialises in questions related to the family.
A Technical Committee follows  implementation. Presided over by the Paris City  Council Director of Families and Infancy, it is made up of representatives from the administrations which provide the data and are interested by the results: the Government, the City of Paris, the  Social Security and Child Benefit Office -CAF-.
The Department of Families and Infancy of the City of Paris provides the secretariat of the Steering Committee and the Technical Committee. The Apur is responsible for running operations.