Parisian Families

September 2018, last updated 14 April 2022
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Its aims are to heighten awareness of Parisian families and their characteristics, to understand their development over time and also to analyse the uses that families make of services and facilities.

Seine embankments © Apur - David Boureau

When the Observatory was launched, a database was established, gathering data on the existing figures for each district - arrondissement -. This database has subsequently been regularly updated.

Since then, Apur has continued to regularly update the information on Parisian families based on data and the gradual widening of the scope of the study to include the fields of early childhood and parenthood. The methodological approaches have also evolved over time, with statistical analyses being supplemented by surveys via a questionnaire and interviews. 

All of this work was carried out in  conjunction with the City of Paris Department of Families and Early Childhood and the - CAF - Paris Social Security and Child Benefit Office.