Parisian shops, first results of the October 2020 census

Results show that the changes observed in Parisian shops over the last decade continue. However, there has been an overall drop in the number of shops and a slight increase in vacant premises which can be linked to current circumstances.

Grocery store rue des Martyrs, April 2020 (first lockdown) © Apur – David Boureau

A new census of all ground floor premises in Paris was carried out by Apur, in October 2020, in partnership with the City of Paris and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The BDCOM commercial database surveys carried out every 3 years since 2000, make it possible to understand long term trends among Parisian shops and to follow the changes in detail, to as fine a scale as that within neighbourhoods, streets and even at an address. They also serve as reference points covering the past 20 years for public action carried out to provide support for the commercial fabric of Paris.

Pending the publication of a detailed study report at the end of March 2021, this note reveals how changes observed in the last 2017 census have developed: a rise in the number of bars and restaurants and the beauty, health and wellness sector, a drop in the number of non-food shops (particularly in the clothing sector) and branches of banks and travel agencies. The number of mini-markets continues to rise, this increase mainly concerns those offering “organic” products.  Finally one can see a slight increase in vacant premises moving from 9.3%  to 10.5% out of all premises.


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    Parisian shops, first results of the October 2020 census

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