Population, Housing, Employment - Part 3: employment

Analysis of the 2013 census

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Between 1989 and 2015, there was an overall increase in the number of jobs in the Metropolis of Greater Paris - Métropole du Grand Paris - which alternately rose and fell during that time. In the most recent period (2011-2015), the number of jobs gradually rose reaching 4,2 million jobs by the end of 2015, many more jobs than those recorded at the end of 2007. This growth accelerated in 2015 following the European and national trend. Almost 60% of jobs in the MGP are to be found in Paris and the T4 - Paris Ouest La Défence,  although the most dynamic territories in the last few years have been T3 - Grand Paris Seine Ouest, GPSO and T6 - Plaine Commune. Self-employment represents under one job in six in the Métropole du Grand Paris but this is rapidly increasing in certain sectors such as digitalisation and areas linked to the large services platforms and explains a large part of the increase in employment during this last period.


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    Population, Housing, Employment - Analysis the 2013 census results - Part 3: employment

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