Preparatory workshops for developing the Inter-municipal Local Urbanism Plan - PLUi - for the Greater Paris eastern area - Grand Paris Grand Est

After completing the diagnosis and discussing ways to develop the PADD (sustainable development plan) in September 2021, Grand Paris Est has now entered into the phase of drawing up the regulations of its PLUi. As with the previous phases, the Public Territorial Establishment - EPT - asked Apur to accompany the process of drawing up the regulations with the territory’s municipalities. 

Aerial view of the territory of Grand Paris Grand Est ©

Three workshops, hosted by Apur, were held between April and June 2022. Their aim was to enable collective thinking about the territory as a whole with elected representatives and technical experts focusing on the new zoning proposed for the PLUi and preparing the work on the regulatory content of each zone.

A pre-zoning proposal with 11 families of zones was established by the territory and proposed to municipalities, accompanied by the main regulatory principles for each zone.

The 3 workshops addressed the following families/groups of zones:

  • Workshop 1: The zone of old centres, the zone of urban centres and the zone of intermediary urban fabrics
  • Workshop 2: The residential zone and the zone of large-scale complexes
  • Workshop 3: The economic activity zone and the major amenities zone.

These workshops brought together municipal elected members and technical departments to reflect on the common characteristics of each zone, to fix the common issues and regulatory objectives for each zone and to fine-tune the consideration taken of specific characteristics of certain urban fabrics and local particularities. 

For each workshop, Apur produced a preparatory file bringing together the guidelines of the PLUi’s PADD, information on the objectives fixed via high-quality urbanism documents, in particular the Territorial Coherence Guidelines - SCOT -, a series of maps showing the current morphological characteristics of the urban fabrics and those foreseen for each zone and finally, maps showing present uses as a basis for discussion on the implementation of objectives to be authorised in each zone.

The workshops took place in three stages: an introduction based on the preparatory dossier, a roundtable discussion in small groups based on the issues in question and a feedback session on the discussions of each  group.

Following each workshop, the preparatory dossier was consolidated. A summary of the 3 workshops, jointly written by the Department of Development and Urbanism of the Public Territorial Establishment (EPT) and Apur, was presented to the Mayors of Municipal Communes in Grand Paris Est on 20th June 2022.

The preparatory dossiers for the three workshops and their summary are available on line here.


Documents to download

  • Synthesis

    Preparatory workshops for developing the PLUi regulations - Feedback on the 3 Workshops hosted by Apur relating to the introduction of the regulatory phase

    Format : pdf, 6.24 MB
  • Workshop

    Preparatory workshops for developing the PLUi regulations for Grand Paris Est - Workshop 1: Dense urban fabrics

    Format : pdf, 32.28 MB
  • Workshop

    Preparatory workshops for developing the PLUi regulations for Grand Paris Est - Workshop n° 2: Residential areas and large-scale complexes

    Format : pdf, 16.5 MB
  • Workshop

    Preparatory workshops for developing the PLUi regulations for Grand Paris Est - Workshop n° 3: Economic fabrics and activities

    Format : pdf, 13.62 MB