Preparatory workshops for local inter-municipal urbanism plans (PLUI)

© Apur - Arnauld Duboys Fresney

As part of its partnership work programme, Apur has been running a series of workshops on areas within the metropolis in preparation for the local urbanism plans (PLU) / local inter-municipal urbanism plans (PLUI). Workshops have brought together key players and municipal services from each area to exchange on the fundamental issues which lie at the heart of transformations underway. Local authority representatives of each area choose whether to participate or simply to organise workshops. The role of these workshops is to provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge and debating on all the subjects under study which are necessary for preparing the urban policies of the territory. Each series of workshops is organised around databases of Apur studies which are cross referenced with data and documents of the towns and public territorial establishments (EPT) involved and on the basis of related questions.

This iterative process provides technical departments of municipalities with a framework for creating a shared pool of knowledge, forming the foundations of a common culture upon which to draw up and follow through urbanism documents. Apur prepares thematic dossiers to be used during workshops. They are put online and contribute to forging a culture shared by towns, territories and the metropolis.