Real estate Atlas - Paris School of Science and Humanities (PSL)

Real estate Atlas - Paris School of Science and Humanities (PSL)

In response to the buildings strategy being drawn up by the ComUE PSL (Universities and Institutes of the Paris School of Science and Humanities), Apur put together a Real estate Atlas which describes the main sites, located both inside and outside of Paris proper, of the 25 establishments belonging to the PSL as well as their research and training activities.

The maps and data sheets for the Atlas were built up using a GPS, which made it necessary to create an ad hoc database supported by detailed questionnaires addressed to each of the 25 establishments, and supplemented by a series of interviews with the Heads of Department. The information was contextualised with the aid of databases available from Apur (facilities, transport, urban projects, businesses, economy, housing…).

The Atlas is divided into 5 sections:

  • sites of all scales (figures, sites and urban Parisian context)
  • a profile of each establishment
  • themed profile of each establishment (research, training, libraries, teaching emplacements, partnerships and exchanges and openness to the business world)
  • the City Campus (student services, student life, living in the Latin Quarter)
  • projects


A digital version has also been developed in the form of two applications one of which allows access by establishment and the other access by subject.


Documents to download

  • Paris School of Science and Humanities (PSL) Site Atlas

    Format : pdf, 193.6 MB
  • Note 102 - New data – Paris Science and Arts University Atlas

    Format : pdf, 4.61 MB