Redefinition of the Saint-Denis Canal

A major undertaking for the legacy of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

People relaxing and jogging alongside the Saint-Denis Canal, by the bend - Boucle du Cornillon @ Apur

In the context of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2014, municipalities want a powerful legacy to remain which particularly strengthen links between Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis.

One of the measures in the agreement signed by Paris, Plaine Commune, Est-Ensemble, Grand Paris Grand Est, Paris Terre d’Envol and the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis in June 2016 (“the Olympic and Paralympic Games, an accelerator of close links between Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis”) involves the transformation of Saint-Denis Canal, an emblematic, physical link between Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis. The question of its redevelopment, which aims to render it more visible, more integrated and more operational within the territories it runs through, is essential in the context of the 2024 Games and will enable a tangible link to unite Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis.  

This summary note presents the main actions for improving access, developing uses and the attractiveness of the Saint-Denis Canal by 2024. The programmed plans, which were carried out by Apur within the partnership framework, envisage the redevelopment work to be carried out in three phases: 2020, 2024 and beyond.


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    Redefinition of the Saint-Denis Canal

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    The programme plan for the Saint-Denis Canal by 2024

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