Redevelopment of 7 Parisian squares

Redevelopment of 7 Parisian squares
Apur is involved in a project to redevelop 7 Parisian squares ((Place de la Bastille, du Panthéon, de la Madeleine, des Fêtes, Gambetta, de la Nation and d’Italie), in line with its research into a new approach towards public space which forms part of its partnership programme.
This project has several main objectives:
  • re-balance the way public space is used in favour of ‘soft’ means of transport by limiting the presence of the cars;
  • respond to the new expectations of those using public spaces who want to vary and intensify their use of that space;
  • respond to the ecological imperative of a greener, more circular and resilient city better adapted to face the challenges of climate change;
  • renew, innovate and transform public space into a place of invention and creation;
  • research more flexible, simpler, basic and economical ways of bringing this about. 
Within this framework, Apur has contributed: 
  • to the organisation of two seminars whose main objective was to share a common culture and attitude towards Parisian public space of the future;
  • to the workshop project which drew up the programme plans for 7 squares, which show the fundamental approach to the development of these public spaces;
  • to developing a tool box, an aid to outlining the new policy for public space in Paris.


Documents to download

  • Outcomes of the seminar « Reinventing our squares » 29 May 2015

    Format : pdf, 2.97 MB
  • Public space tool box

    Format : pdf, 3.91 MB
  • Conference brochure « Reinventing our squares » 29 May 2015

    Format : pdf, 3.86 MB