References up to 2006

La baie de Rio de Janeiro

Contracts and missions carried out by the Apur on an international level up to 2006.

Uzbekistan (2005-2006) Mission to identify cooperation projects and seminars with professionals from Uzbek urban planning agencies (Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara). Contract.

Teheran (2004-2005) Technical assistance contract concerning the realisation of the master plan and detailed maps of Teheran and setting up an urban development agency. Exchanging experience on modelling and updating data to manage the GIS of the city. Contract.

Rio de Janeiro (2004-2008) Methodological support for the project relating to urban development of a run-down historical district and a  feasibility study for a tramway in the capital city. Decentralised cooperation.

Budapest (2004) Methodological support in the area of derelict housing and setting up pilot urban planning projects. Decentralised cooperation.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2004) Technical assistance in assessing the master plan for Greater Riyadh; technical GIS support. Contract.

Bangalore (2003-2005) Assistance in revising the city’s master plan: conducting socio-economic studies and developing a system of spatial urban references using GIS techniques. Contract.

Istanbul, Turkey (2003-2004) Assessment of the city’s master plan. Identifying a pilot district to set up an urban requalification project. Exchanges of experience and best practice in the field of urban management.

Algiers (2003-2004) Exchanging experience, advice and technical assistance in the field of urban development, requalification and organisation of cartographic and thematic databases. Decentralised cooperation.

Cairo, Egypt (2002-2007) Methodological support for the preservation and restoration of ancient heritage building constructions: studies and projects to restore the historic Sayeda Zienab district. Decentralised cooperation.

Apur publications edited in the context of cooperation with Cairo:

Auroville, India (2002-2003) Preparation of a database on large European cities. A project piloted by the new town of Auroville in India, in partnership with the city of Venice. European programme, contract.

Teheran, Iran (2002) Mission to identify cooperation projects in the field of urban development and geographical information systems. Contract.

Vientiane, Laos (2001-2003) Technical  and methodological assistance to analyse the city’s master plan. A project in partnership with the city of Brussels. European programme, contract.
Apur publications edited in the context of cooperation with Vientiane:

Colombo, Sri Lanka (2001-2003) Technical assistance to set up GIS applications for urban management. Proposals for restructuring a district of makeshift housing lacking basic infrastructures. Project in partnership with the city of Madrid. European programme, contract.

Asia-Urbs European Commission European programmes to improve exchanges and partnerships between European and Asian cities.

Guatemala City, Guatemala (2001) Project management assistance in developing a GIS project concerning the city’s transport network, in liaison with the GIS land registry project. Contract in partnership with the SYSTRA company.

Bahrain, State of Bahrain (2000-2003) Assessment of the information system managing the land registry. Contract.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia (2000-2002) Continuing the bilateral cooperation between Paris and Phnom Penh that began in 1990 as part of the Asia Urbs European programme. Assisting the municipality of Phnom Penh in the areas of land management and development. Project in partnership with the city of Venice.

Apur publications edited in the context of cooperation with Phnom Penh:

•    Phnom Penh – Growth and transformation
•    Phnom Penh at the dawn of the XXIst century
•    Phnom Penh, urban development and heritage
•    Phnom Penh centre

Bamako, Mali (2000) Assessment of the city’s urban planning departments. Decentralised cooperation.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2000) Assessment of transport policies. Decentralised cooperation.

GIS project to assess the European transport infrastructure network, EEC (1998-2000) European programme, contract.

Tunis, Tunisia (1998-2006) Setting up a land and real-estate observatory and a geographic referencing system of Greater Tunis. Assessing the economic development observatory of the territory (ODET). Monitoring urban development, documentation and communication mission. Decentralised cooperation.

Buenos Aires, Argentina (1998-1999) Receiving trainees and presenting French urban planning procedures and the role of urban planning agencies through the Parisian experience. Technical support in drawing up the master plan of the city (decentralised cooperation); restructuring the airport, the port, the central railway station and progressively eliminating a shantytown (contract).

MEDA programme (1995-1999 ; 2001-2003) Producing thematic atlases for Rabat (Morocco), Beirut (Lebanon), Limassol (Cyprus) with the cities of the Mediterranean basin. European programme, contract.

Tacis City Twinning Moscow (1997) European programme, contract.

Brazzaville, Congo (1998) Assessing the city’s requirements. Decentralised cooperation.

Rome, Italy (1996-1998) Appraisal of the transport policy. Technical support for urban reconstruction projects linked to railway networks. Decentralised cooperation.
Apur publications edited in the context of the Rome cooperation programme:

•    Paris Rome, Paris Project N° 23/24

Budapest, Hungary (1994) Appraisal of the city’s master plan. Decentralised cooperation.

Santiago de Chili, Chili (1994-2000). Methodological assistance in drawing up the plan to develop and protect national heritage in the Poniente district. Decentralised cooperation.
Apur publications edited in the context of cooperation with Santiago:
•    Santiago Poniente: urban development and heritage
•    The Santiago Poniente development and heritage protection plan