Report of the “Paris’Commerces” consultative meeting

Report of the “Paris’Commerces” consultative meeting
Paris is a city characterised by a high density and diversity of retail outlets, with 62,000 shops of which 7,200 are food outlets. This overall dynamism does not preclude the existence of certain localised weak points. There are empty pockets in the commercial structure, particularly in the “urban integration policy” districts, although these are decreasing within the whole of the Parisian territory. There is also growing evidence that cultural outlets, particularly bookshops, are losing ground and of gradual disappearances in certain areas of the health sector.
For these reasons and following the commercial survey it carried out in 2014, Apur adjusted its diagnostic during 2015. This preliminary work led to the drawing up of intervention measures, particularly involving real-estate with the aim of revitalising local businesses. The resulting diagnostic was then shared in broad consultation with district Mayors, Chambers of Commerce, trade and inhabitants’ associations allowing them to take joint ownership of the issues facing the business community and thence organise and clarify proposed paths of action at a local level.
This report of the meeting represents the current position. After giving a reminder of the facts of the situation, it outlines the observations and expectations expressed at the meetings. It presents the proposals selected and defines their specific scope.


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