The road network at the heart of the conurbation - Main road network - Summary of workshop 9 December 2014

Evolution of urban expressways and motorways in Grand Paris
The study on the road network at the heart of the conurbation began in mid 2012. It has been led by Apur in partnership with the Department of Infrastructures and Development (DRIEA), The company Grand Paris Express (SGP), the City of Paris, the Departmental Councils of  Val-de-Marne,  Seine-Saint-Denis and Hauts-de-Seine, the Ile-de-France Transport Syndicate (STIF) and the Regional Council of Ile-de-France.
Phase 1 deals with a shared diagnosis while Phases 2-3 propose a hierarchical road system, analyse the dysfunctional aspects and identify exploratory projects and approaches to ways of forming connections.
The last phase of the study included workshops on prospective planning which brought the key development managers, administrators and players together around the specific themes: urban logistics, road access to stations, the main road and boulevard network within the metropolis. 
The workshop on the main road system, organised by the Ile-de France Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Infrastructures and Development (DRIEA-DiRIF), was attended by the Ile-de-France Transport Syndicate (STIF), the Departments involved,the City of Paris, the Public Development Establishment (EPADESA) and the Ile-de-France Region.
The road system is evolving in the metropolis with for example the experimental new modes of exploitation and uses being developed of bus/taxi lanes. Recently built and projects to build interchange and connection junctions mean that territories will be better served and that the redefinition of the Departmental road network has been put in motion. More immediately, projects to transform the motorway network show that territories are keen to work with the state to optimise and develop a better integrated high-speed lane network, to enhance its banks and verges and to reduce breaks in the lanes and traffic flow.
This summary presents the debates and talks given on the 4 strategic lines of development: optimisation of the main road network and its uses; improving urban integration and exchanges with territories; enhancing the overall landscape and addressing adverse environmental impacts; developing a project economy and partnerships around infrastructure projects.


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    The road network at the heart of the conurbation - Main road network - Summary of workshop 9 December 2014

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